Strength Through Generations

For over 72 years, The KMI family have completed thousands of projects specializing in Level 5 drywall finishing, plastering fortification, advanced metal framing, and top-quality drywall finish. Our clients recognize the value of the specialized solutions we deliver, turning to us for new ventures and establishing long-lasting partnerships.

Strength Through Professionalism

We employ a Team of highly skilled, trained, and professional experts to exemplify the highest quality of product and services we are recognized for as an industry leader. With years of experience and un-matched knowledge in technique and craft, the KMI Team is a trusted provider for superior results. Our commitment to excellence in high-end residential and commercial markets, spans from the Silicon Valley to Napa Valley, serving prominent clients on exclusive and private projects.

Strength Through Design

Executing streamlined methods in project planning stages improves both our clients' budget and schedule, maximizing complete project efficiency throughout the period of performance. Our flexibility in the field can produce a wide range of custom drywall and plaster details, tailored for each project’s specific complexity and unique character. Our advanced design techniques allow us to create the customized and intricate styles that our clients are seeking for their exceptional projects, which has positioned KMI as a true differentiator in our field of expertise.


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